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Some of the more popular Nyonya kuih:

Onde Onde
Pulut Tekan
Kuih Koo Merah (Ang Koo Kueh)
Kuih Dadar
Kuih Lapis
Kuih Talam
Kuih Ko Swee

Assorted Nyonya Kuih Assorted Nyonya Kuih
/ CC BY 2.0 –                                   www.flickr.com/ CC BY 2.0

Kuih Pie Tie

Kuih Pie Tie

Apam Balik Kelapa

Apom Balik

The apom balik is actually a pancake that is folded in half, and probably accounts for the word ‘balik’ which actually means ‘return’ in the literal sense. Its batter is made of ingredients like flour, yeast, castor sugar, coconut milk and ‘pandan’ juice. Just before the batter begins to cook completely, crushed groundnuts, sugar, and creamed corn is added before the pancake is folded.

This Nyonya kuih (Nyonya kueh) has a lovely texture and is really pleasant to the mouth. One can choose many varieties including those with durian filling.

Onde Onde

Onde OndeThis is another delightful Nyonya kuih and are like little green bombs covered in freshly grated coconut, because when you bite into them, a sweet ‘explosion’ of gula melaka filling dribbles into your mouth.

The batter is made primarily of glutinous rice flour and ‘pandan’ paste which gives it its green hue. A piece of solidified gula melaka is pressed into these little green balls then steamed, where it melts into a sweet liquid, concealed within the chewy green exterior.

The freshly grated coconut gives it another level of texture and an added aroma. Simply do not miss this if ever the opportunity arises to try some.

Pineapple Tart

Pineapple Tart The Nyonya make pineapple tarts really well and many run a business purely selling just these tarts. Among the many biscuits and treats one will find during Chinese New Year are pineapple tarts and is almost a must have during this time.

The tart is basically pineapple jam on a buttery pastry that, if done really well, feels like it melts in your mouth. Another variety is where the pastry is wrapped around the jam filling. Either way, they’re both really good.

Some kids like to eat only the jam, and it is understandable. The jam is made from grated pineapple cooked in sugar in spices like star anise and cinnamon, which results in a textured fibrous jam of sweetness.

Lepat Kacang

Nyonya Kuih - Lepat

Kuih Dadar

Nyonya Kuih - Kuih Dadar

Kuih Bingka Ubi

Nyonya Kuih - Kuih Bingka Ubi

Kuih Kochi Putih
Kuih Kochi Hitam
Pulut Inti

Nyonya Kuih - Kuih Koci, Pulut Inti

Nyonya Kuih Chang

Nyonya Kuih Chang

Kuih Abu Sagu

Nyonya Kuih - Kuih Abu Sagu

Kuih Koo Merah

Nyonya Kuih - Kuih Koo Merah (Ang Koo Kueh)

Curry Puff

Nyonya Kuih - Curry Puffs

Roll Tart

Nyonya Kuih - Roll Tart

Rempah Udang

Kuih Portugal Ubi

Pulut Seri Kaya (Pandan)

Pulut Seri Kaya (Kuning)

Apam Beku (Kuah Pisang)

Peranakan Restaurants

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